We at HARTEK, have created a strong culture of selecting and rewarding people based on their merit and values.


Entrepreneurship is also a core value at HARTEK. We have built a non-hierarchical work environment which helps the team at various positions to express themselves fully and as a result create a sense of ownership within teams.

Aligning your passion with the work

The great Steve Jobs once said "People with passion can change the world". We at HARTEK have continuously tried to identify people's passion and aligning them with the work profile and organisational goals .

Growing talent from within

One of our strategic objective at Hartek Group has been to foster and grow talent from within the company and built a robust pipeline of leaders to accomplish HARTEK vision and goals.

Training & Development

Today, learning is more vital than ever. We at HARTEK, identify our people's strength and continuously try to work on them by providing training and skill development courses by which they can horn their skills.