Hartek Singh

Hartek Singh- Founder, Chairman & Managing Director , Hartek Group

Hartek Singh
Founder, Chairman & Managing Director , Hartek Group

Hartek Singh (born 22 Feb 1964 ) is an Indian entrepreneur who is the Founder, Chairman & Managing Director of Hartek Group. He is a first generation entrepreneur and he founded The Hartek Group in 1991 and today it is one of India’s fastest growing integrated power infrastructure player with with offerings that span across, Engineering, Construction, Renewables, Fuel , Technology and Manufacturing.

Early life of Mr Hartek Singh

Hartek Singh was born into a Punjabi Sikh family on 22nd feb 1964 in Kolkata, West bengal. He grew up in a traditional service class family and received his school education from Kolkata, Chennai, Delhi and Chandigarh and finally graduated with Bachelors in Commerce from the Delhi University. As he had a special liking for city beautiful- Chandigarh, he decided to settle there and start his career. He started young, on his own as a company representative in 1987 without any monetary support.

Career of Hartek Singh

He started young, on his own as a company representative in 1987 without any monetary support. For a person to embark on a path of entrepreneurship, one needs passion, fearlessness and dedication. This young man was beaming with all these qualities. This led to the birth of Hartek Group in 1991. In the first initial years, he concentrated on getting the ball over the net instead of hitting fancy shots. This gave him stability and maturity in handling the business. He started as a sales representative for various MNC companies in the power industry, and it is there where he started understanding the dynamics of the Indian power industry. In the mid 90's along with the trading business, he also ventured into manufacturing of DG sets, which he had to close down due to financial difficulty. The early 2000 were very difficult for him as he was repaying the huge financial loss from the manufacturing business. Mr. Singh always believed that failure is just a stepping-stone to success and it is important to experience it in order to keep oneself grounded. He started rebuilding the organization from scratch in early 2000. His focus was to solve the customer's problem and worked on the solution, which led to formation of the Power System Business, which provided Engineering, Procurement and construction solutions for substation/ power distribution projects up to 220 KV for Industries/IPP/Utilities. After that, It was never looking back for the young entrepreneur as he grew the business exponentially venturing into various business spanning across Engineering, Construction, Renewables, Manufacturing, Fuel and Technology.

Hartek Singh- Founder, Chairman & Managing Director , Hartek Group

Foundation of Hartek Group

After representing some leading MNC companies as a sales person for there electrical products, In the year of 1991, he founded the Hartek Group and started as an electrical trading house providing one stop high voltage power solutions to the industry.After spending more than 10 years in the power sector, He founded Hartek Group (EPC business arm of Hartek Group). The company set up high voltage and extra high voltage grid infrastructure and in a short span of 7 years it completed 100+ projects across India. The group as on date has offerings that span across Engineering, Construction, Renewables, Fuel , Technology and Manufacturing.


Mr. Hartek Singh has always loved challenges because he feels they teach a person that it is important to try things that might not work and improvise solutions along the way. Mr. Singh strongly believes that HONESTY & INTEGRITY are the 2 most important ingredients for any success of a business. While doing business with ethics, he has nurtured the team into a family with a leader who is a potent combination of strategy and character.


It’s been a great journey so far, having spent close to 3 decades doing business in India and creating value to our customers. We believe that our country is best positioned to grow in all sectors. The fact that last year India became the world's fastest growing nation is just one manifestation of this potential. The days ahead provide immense opportunity in all sectors and we at Hartek Group are optimistic to help the nation in its growth by contributing in the Power infrastructure and Renewable energy space. Sustainability is at the core of our strategy and its my commitment to all our stakeholders and every citizen of this wonderful nation that we will continue to invest in sustainable technologies and projects and will keep on touching lives of millions of Indian people through our work and CSR activities.

Personal Life

Hartek Singh lives in Chandigarh. He is married to Keerti H. Singh and has two children Simarpreet Singh and Harkirat Kaur.

Hartek Singh- Founder, Chairman & Managing Director , Hartek Group
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hartek singh hartek singh hartek singh

1) Sustainability being the core of our strategy, Hartek Group takes active part in numerous CSR activities under leadership of Mr. Hartek Singh.

2) Mr. Hartek Singh at various Power sector events, leadership summit and seminars sharing his views on leadership, sustainability and the power industry.

3) Hartek Family Annual Day 2016 to celebrate the achievements of the year.

4) Cricket tournament organized for the Hartek Family on November 2016, Hartek Premiere League.

5) Mr. Hartek Singh at the Schneider Electric partner meet 2016. Hartek Group being honored as the partner with Highest order books & revenues for Energy Business 2016.