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Packaged Substation

Hartek has special design capabilities and expertise to manufacture almost all type of package substation as per customers demand. A package substation is a compact enclosure consisting of MV switchgear, distribution transformer, LV switchboard located in three individual compartments, which are segregated from each other by means of partitions in order to ensure personnel safety. We have ranges of package substation from 12KV to 36KV, which accommodates oil type or Dry type distribution transformers up to 3 MVA. Package substation itself answers much consideration of customers like low space requirement, safety, easy and quick installation.


Operating Voltage 12KV to 36KV
Ambient temperature 40 degree C +- 2
Standard Colour Siemens Grey RAL 7032
Duty Outdoor / Indoor
Type of ventilation Natural
Enclosure Degree of protection IP 2X
Standard IEC 62271
Rated power frequency withstand voltage KV rms 28 / 50KV square
MV side VCB / RMU
  1. Hermetically sealed oil type
  2. Cast Resin Dry Type
Bus bar
  1. Copper
  2. Aluminium
Thickness of coating 50 – 100 microns