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About Hartek Fuel

Amtek Sales and Services is the authorized reseller for Reliance Fuel Oil, LSHS, and CBFS. We are proud to be able to offer these products from the world's largest single-location refinery complex and one of the most energy-efficient refineries in the world. Located in Jamnagar on the west coast of India, and with world-class logistics and port facilities, the refinery operates at maximum capacity with minimal downtime. Reliance Fuel Oil is made with state-of-the-art processes and has low sulphur and low metal content compared to other oil companies.

We have a team dedicated to providing customers with pure fuel from the refinery to their plant locations. We are committed to providing our customers with inventory management, technical services, timely procurement with cost optimization, and monthly usage of the product with a strong backup support system. We also provide after-sales service of the product and have specialist engineers to monitor the fuel performance of our clients' boilers and furnaces.