Hartek Group makes its Impact in the presence of Cabinet Minister R.K. Singh at IEEMA’s DistribuElec-2024
Jan, 2024

Hartek Group makes its Impact in the presence of Cabinet Minister R.K. Singh at IEEMA’s DistribuElec-2024

Hartek Group

Mumbai, the bustling financial capital of India, recently hosted a groundbreaking conference that brought together key players in the Power Distribution and renewable energy sector, DistribuELEC 2024 at Bombay Exhibition Centre, Goregaon.

In the vibrant energy landscape of DistribuElec 2024, Hartek Group emerged as a catalyst for innovation and sustainability, making significant strides in the renewable energy and power distribution sector. The event, organised by the Indian Electrical and Electronics Manufacturers' Association (IEEMA), provided a dynamic platform for industry leaders, policymakers, and professionals to explore the intersection of green energy and cutting-edge power distribution technologies.

The journey began with a dynamic inaugural ceremony featuring the Hon'ble Cabinet Minister Shri Raj Kumar Singh and Hartek Group's visionary Chairman & MD, Mr. Hartek Singh. The ceremony not only celebrated the commitment to sustainable energy but also showcased Hartek Group's significant achievement – connecting over 7GW to the Solar Grid, along with the acknowledgement and assurance of support by the ministry, placing them at the forefront of India's power transition, and aligning seamlessly with the nation's goals for a cleaner and brighter future. 

As Hartek Group took centre stage, the visit to stall by Dr. Praveer Sinha, CEO and Managing Director of Tata Power Company Limited, marked a momentous occasion. Industry leaders converged to witness pioneering advancements in power distribution technologies, illuminating possibilities for a sustainable energy future. 

The momentum continued as esteemed leaders graced the Hartek Group stall, reinforcing the commitment to decarbonisation, sustainability, and India's power transition. Influential figures like Dr. Saket Kumar IAS, MD of  UHVNL, Kushal Desai, CMD of Apar Industries, Udai Singh, MD & CEO of Schneider Infrastructure, Robert Harald Kottukapally Demann, VP Head of Smart Infra, Vikram Gandotra, SIEMENS LTD, and  Mr. Kapil Sharma, CEO of Adani Electricity, among others gathered at our stall, joined forces to showcase innovative solutions and amplify the shared vision for a greener and technologically advanced future in power distribution. 

We were overwhelmed with the footfall at the Hartek Group stall, with more than 500 people engaging with the cutting-edge technologies and solutions on display. This significant turnout underscored the industry's keen interest in the advancements presented by Hartek Group. The networking efforts were equally remarkable, with collaborations established with numerous brands that shared the exhibition space. These connections are vital in fostering a collaborative environment that propels the entire industry forward.

Insights shared by Union Power Minister Shri R.K. Singh during the three-day exhibition and conference, BID 2024, highlighted the pivotal role of the electricity sector in India's rapid economic growth. His vision emphasised the reduction in AT&C losses, the direction towards smart prepaid meters, and the installation of more renewable energy manufacturing capacity. The commitment to making the entire value chain of the renewable electricity sector in India showcased the nation's leadership in green hydrogen. 

Distribuelec and Buildelec, running concurrently with the Intelect Conference, showcased Hi-tech electrical equipment and systems for buildings, along with Reliable, Sustainable and Safer Prosumer Ecosystem. Hartek Singh, Chairman of IEEMA and Director of Hartek Group, played a pivotal role in representing the organisation at DistribuELEC, reinforcing the collaborative spirit between industry players and policymakers. 

In conclusion, Hartek Group's impactful presence at DistribuELEC 2024 mirrors its dedication to innovation, sustainability, and the advancement of India's power sector. The connections made, collaborations formed, and insights gained during this event will undoubtedly shape the trajectory of a cleaner and brighter energy future. As Hartek Group continues to illuminate the path for the future, the echoes of DistribuELEC 2024 will resonate in the ongoing narrative of India's power transition.