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Hartek Group's Journey: Navigating COP28 and Powering a Sustainable Future
Dec, 2023

Hartek Group's Journey: Navigating COP28 and Powering a Sustainable Future

Hartek Group

As Hartek Group steps onto the global stage at COP28 in the UAE, we take immense pride in contributing to the critical dialogue shaping our planet's future. This event, uniting over 70,000 diverse delegates, signifies a collective commitment to combat climate change, a mission we wholeheartedly endorse.

Our vision aligns seamlessly with the shared global goal of limiting temperature rise to 1.5 degrees Celsius and achieving net-zero emissions by 2050. At Hartek Group, we've made significant strides, saving 1.92 billion tonnes of CO2 emissions and installing 7 Gigawatts of Solar Grid connectivity in the past year alone, placing us among the top 3 rooftop solar companies in India.

Reflecting on our journey, our Executive Director Mr. Simarpreet Singh shares a personal story from the early days of solar installations. In 2011-2012, as we erected a 2.5 MW grid-connected rooftop solar plant in Gandhinagar, technicians referred to solar panels as "plates." The uncertainty surrounding this ground-breaking project underscored the pioneering spirit that has defined Hartek's trajectory.

Back then, the notion of India reaching 75 GW installed capacity by 2023, a 6000x increase, seemed unrealistic and far-fetched. Yet, our unwavering belief in clean energy and climate tech as the future guided us through this transformative period. The turning point arrived with COP21, where a new international climate agreement set the stage for global cooperation to limit global warming.

India, emerging as a leader, strategically implemented policies, added capacities, and attracted the right mix of debt and equity. However, Mr. Simarpreet Singh emphasizes that developed nations, with emissions well above the global average, must adopt more aggressive targets to align with the larger goal.

As we gear up for COP28, Hartek Group remains at the forefront of the renewable industry. Having connected 7 GW of solar to the grid, built essential infrastructure, and collaborated with industries and institutions to meet decarbonisation goals, we're poised for the next phase.

Our commitment extends beyond solar, as we explore diverse sources like hydrogen and biofuels to accelerate the energy transition. Hartek Group’s representation among the global stakeholders at COP28 is a thing of honour, and also an opportunity to connect with key decision-makers from around the world.

Together, we look forward to accelerating the journey towards a net-zero and sustainable world. Join us as we navigate the path to environmental harmony and a resilient future.