Guidelines for Sustaining Rooftop Solar Systems: Maintenance and Care Strategies for Durability
Nov, 2023

Guidelines for Sustaining Rooftop Solar Systems: Maintenance and Care Strategies for Durability

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Adopting solar energy as a source of clean energy is not the only thing. After installation, the process for maintenance and care is the point of concern. Efficiency comes with the up-keeping of the system. Hence, proper maintenance and care are important to consider when installing rooftop solar. Furthermore, it is the responsibility of a solar installation company in India to inform you regarding all the tips and tricks for the maintenance of solar panels after installation.

Fortunately, this maintenance cost problem can be solved with a minimum cost of less than INR 1000-3000. Unlike other machines, solar panels are easy to clean due to the accessible components of the solar panel system. The process of lubrication and the stubborn rust won't be there in this rooftop system.  

Keeping this in mind, we have sorted some tips for maintaining the solar panels efficiently in their working condition.   

Maintenance Tips for Solar Rooftops

Every machinery in commercial and industrial areas needs proper care and maintenance. The care not only increases the device's shelf life but also improves its efficiency. The same goes for solar rooftops, and it has also some tips to be followed. Those tips will be provided to you by the solar installation company in India you have selected for your offices, which will brief you on the tips. In general, some basic and simple steps are detailed below, with which you can keep your solar panels in great condition and ensure they continue generating power efficiently.

Regular inspection and cleaning: Check your solar panels often for dirt, debris, or damage. Clean them to maintain their performance. Use a soft cloth to remove dust, leaves, or snow from the panels. Avoid using detergents, as they can cause streaks. Instead, mix a little rubbing alcohol with water to remove oily residue or stubborn dirt.

Sunlight availability: Make sure your solar panels are installed in a location with maximum sun exposure. Over time, trees or buildings may grow and create shade. You can extend their lifespan by keeping the panels in a spot with the best sunlight orientation.

Regular component check: While cleaning your panels, inspect the wiring, components, and mounting rack. Look for signs of water damage, leaks, or drainage issues. Also, check for missing bolts, broken glass, or frayed wiring. If you notice any problems, contact your solar installer right away. It's important to let a trained professional handle any repairs.

Energy usage check: Install an energy monitor to keep track of your system's performance. It provides data on a website or smartphone app. Check the production totals of each solar panel to identify any panels that aren't generating electricity. If you notice a significant drop in production, contact your solar panel installer for an inspection.

There is a frequency to check the PV (photo voltaic) modules after installation. Have a look and follow the rules while maintaining the system.

Maintenance work


Ensuring the cleanliness of the system


Ensuring power generation


Inspection of the PV modules

15 days

Checking all the connections

Six months

Checking output voltage

Six months


Although solar panels have a long life span, maintenance is required to ensure longevity. You can’t just ignore the system after installation. Make sure that company have regular follow-ups. For proper functioning in residential and industrial rooftops, keep a steady record of the rooftop from your end, too.

By following the above maintenance tips, you can ensure your solar system lasts longer and operates efficiently. Going solar is an excellent choice as it provides clean electricity, saves on your electricity bills, and generally requires minimal maintenance. Hence, opt for it but with full responsibility.